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Success Life Coaching and Counselling

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How are things going for you? Does life sometimes feel like an uphill battle? Are you just not functioning or feeling your best? Maybe you think you could be aiming higher in your career, but just don't know where to start? Is there something holding you back from achieving your goals? Do you feel like you could be doing better with your family, with your customers or just being a better and happier you?

Let’s work together. My name is Mayan Schraders, and I love helping people feel happier and achieve more. My aim is to help you heal and grow so you can more fully embrace your life and your potential. You are the expert on YOU, and with your knowledge, and my skills and experience you will enjoy a journey of discovery, resulting in a life more fully and confidently lived. 

Find out about my Success Coaching and my Counselling services below.

What is Success Life Coaching?

Personal Success Coaching is an individualised approach designed to help you overcome self-sabotage, which is something we all encounter and is created by our conscious and subconscious motivations pulling in opposite directions. 

To combat this, Personal Success Coaching seeks to align your ideology with your goals, creating a more intuitive, more effective, happier and goal achieving 'you'! 

Fields I work in include:
  • Personal Development
  • Growth and Excellence in your Business
  • Building Self Esteem and Self Confidence 
  • Happiness and Abundance
  • Health and Well-being - no matter what age
  • Excellence at Work
  • Healthy Eating Habits

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