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Stressed? Anxious? Confused? Stuck? Can't see your way out and feel like you are going around in circles that never really resolve anything? Are you in a daily rut caught up in the monotony and desperate rat race of your busy life? Maybe you need some holistic life coaching, designed to cater to your set of needs. 

In highly stressful situations, when your emotions are intense you cannot access your logical thinking. Therefore making rational and good decisions about some of the most important things in your life becomes virtually impossible. Through working together, you can learn how to achieve a calm mind where you find it easier to make healthy and positive choices for yourself.

With my specialised and easily customised success coaching, I want to help you get out of the grind and back on your feet.

My aims

My aim is to help you feel better and achieve personal success, whatever that is for you. For some people personal success is sleeping soundly through the night. 

For others it is writing a book, having a normal relationship with food, setting up a business, or being in a loving and respectful relationship. When you join me and we work together, my paramount aim is to get you to where you want to be. 

We will work together to find the innermost facets of your life that are holding you back, and I will seek to work with you to teach you skills that will help you make better choices in your everyday life.  
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My process

I will work with you so you can get the best out of your life. There are a series of steps that we will undertake together so that I can provide you with the skills you need to overcome whatever may be troubling you: these include learning effective ways to deal with your feelings. 

We will examine what is going well for you and which aspects are causing you trouble. Next we will find useful strategies and supporting beliefs. Then we will design steps to achieve your goals, giving you the tools and experience you need for a healthier and happier life. 

During this process we will address
• limiting beliefs you hold 
• negative past experiences you have had
• your self-sabotaging behaviours
• aligning your feelings, thoughts and actions
• the power of your subconscious versus your conscious mind
You deserve the very best out of your life, and I want to help you get there. I offer face-to-face sessions, phone and Skype sessions for your convenience, so that we can work together near or far, and revolving around your schedule.

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