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Personal Counselling

Effective Personal Counselling

Are you dealing with an ongoing or acute situation that is really difficult? Are you at your wits end? Maybe you need someone outside your circle to talk to — someone who listens and truly hears and gets all aspects of your story, from a neutral outsider’s perspective. Sometimes you need some extra support to help you deal with the challenges you are facing. I would love to help you! As a well-established and experienced counsellor. I aim to meet your needs to get you back on your feet in no time. 

No matter what your issues are, I will endeavour to provide you with what you need to start feeling better today!
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My aims

My aim with personal counselling is simple: I seek to provide you with a safe and comfortable environment in which we can explore your deeper issues. I also aim to provide you with the best possible care for your situation; to help you get a full understanding of these troubling times; to see your part in this problem and what you could change to achieve better outcomes. During our sessions, we will work together to get you feeling stronger and more empowered.

Through this process, I hope you will gain increasing peace of mind. This will lead to you feeling satisfied, safe and content, and bring forth a new sense of well-being and harmony.
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My skills 

We are all unique and there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to your situation. This is where my 25+ years of experience, training and skill in working with people really becomes important. I will seek to understand your needs, and combined with my experience together we will discover better options for you and your particular situation. 

My areas of expertise include: 
• anxiety and stress 
• emotional eating issues and body image problems
• eating disorders 
• trauma
• fears and phobias 
• addictions
• job loss and redundancy 

My services

My specialist service can be practiced in a number of different ways: from face-to-face sessions, phone sessions and even Skype. We can work together to find the best way to meet your needs. I want you to feel the utmost in safety and comfort during our sessions, so whether you'd appreciate the interpersonal face-to-face structure or a phone call, it's all up to you: I can be very flexible!

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